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James Joyce (1882-1941), Irish novelist, noted for his experimental use of language in such works as Ulysses (1922) and Finneganns Wake (1939). Joyce's technical innovations in the art of the novel include an extensive use of interior monologue; he used a complex network of symbolic parallels drawn from the mythology, history, and literature, and created a unique language of invented words, puns, and allusions.

James Joyce was born in Dublin, on February 2, 1882, as the son of John Stanislaus oyce, an impoverished gentleman, who had failed in a distillery business and tried all kinds of professions, including politics and tax collecting. Joyce's mother, Mary Jane Murray, was ten years younger than her husband. She was an accomplished pianist, whose life was dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. In spite of their poverty, the family struggled to maintain a solid middle-class facade.

From the age of six Joyce, was educated by Jesuits at Clongowes Wood College, at Clane, and then at Belvedere College in Dublin (1893-97). In 1898 he entered the University College, Dublin. Joyce's first publication was an essay on Ibsen's play When We Dead Awaken. It appeared in the Fortnightly Review in 1900. At this time he also began writing lyric poems.

After graduation in 1902 the twenty-year-old Joyce went to Paris, where he worked as a journalist, teacher and in other occupations under difficult financial conditions. He spent a year in France, returning when a telegram arrived saying his mother was dying. Not long after her death, Joyce was traveling again. He left Dublin in 1904 with Nora Barnacle, a chambermaid who he married in 1931.

Joyce published Dubliners in 1914, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in 1916, a play Exiles in 1918 and Ulysses in 1922. In 1907 Joyce had published a collection of poems, Chamber Music.

At the outset of the First World War, Joyce moved with his family to ZÃŒrich. In ZÃŒrich Joyce started to develop the early chapters of Ulysses, which was first published in France because of censorship troubles in the Great Britain and the United States, where the book became legally available only in 1933.

In March 1923 Joyce started in Paris his second major work, Finnegans Wake, suffering at the same time chronic eye troubles caused by glaucoma. The first segment of the novel appeared in Ford Madox Ford's transatlantic review in April 1924, as part of what Joyce called Work in Progress. The final version was published in 1939. Some critics considered the work a masterpiece, though many readers found it incomprehensible. After the fall of France in WWII, Joyce returned to ZÃŒrich, where he died on January 13, 1941, still disappointed with the reception of Finnegans Wake. (bron: online literature)

Literatuur over James Joyce

  • Erik Bindervoet - Finnegancyclopedie - 2005
  • Umberto Eco - De poëtica van Joyce - 1990
  • Richard Ellman - James Joyce - 1983
  • David Hayman - In the Wake of the Wake - 1978
  • Suzette A. Henke - James Joyce and the politics of desire - 1990
  • Gert Lernout - James Joyce, een introductie - 2002
  • Brenda Maddox - Nora, The Real Life of Molly Bloom - 2000


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Het overzicht van de werken is niet persé compleet. Ik streef om praktische redenen geen volledigheid na.


Overzicht vertalingen:

    Ulixes *
    James Joyce (Engeland)
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    ISBN13: 978-90-253-6975-0ISBN: 9789025369750
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    Finnegans Wake *
    James Joyce (Engeland)
    vertaald uit het Engels door: Erik Bindervoet e.a.
    Atheneum, 2002
    ISBN13: 978-90-253-2279-3ISBN: 9789025322793
    oorspr. titel: Finnegans Wake, 1939

    Giacomo Joyce *
    James Joyce (Engeland)
    vertaald uit het Engels door: Paul Claes
    Kritak, 1995
    ISBN13: 978-90-6551-271-0ISBN: 9789065512710
    oorspr. titel: Giacomo Joyce, 1968

    Ulysses *
    James Joyce (Engeland)
    vertaald uit het Engels door: Paul Claes
    De Bezige Bij, 1994
    ISBN13: 978-90-234-3409-2ISBN: 9789023434092
    oorspr. titel: Ulysses, 1922

    Ballingen. Toneelspel in drie bedrijven
    James Joyce (Engeland)
    De Bezige Bij, 1974
    ISBN13: 978-90-234-0476-7ISBN: 9789023404767
    oorspr. titel: Exiles, 1918

    Een portret van de kunstenaar als jongeman
    James Joyce (Engeland)
    vertaald uit het Engels door: Gerardine Franken
    De Bezige Bij, 1972
    ISBN13: 978-90-234-0861-1ISBN: 9789023408611
    oorspr. titel: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, 1916

    Dubliners *
    James Joyce (Engeland)
    vertaald uit het Engels door: Rijn Bloem
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    ISBN13: 978-90-6012-021-7ISBN: 9789060120217
    oorspr. titel: Dubliners, 1914


  • Ulixes: de vertaling -wekelijks verslag van hun vertaling - Trouw 7 april tot 16 juni - Erik Bindervoet en Robbert-Jan Henkes, Trouw, 16-06-2012
  • Ulixes: Ham en de snorharen van Joyce - Erik Bindervoet en Robbert-Jan Henkes, Trouw, 12-06-2010
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  • Finnegans Wake: Schrijven is grappen, gesprek met de vertalers van Finnegans Wake - Pieter Steinz, NRC Handelsblad, 14-04-2002
  • Finnegans Wake: Terug naar de rivierbron - Arend Evenhuis, Trouw, 05-04-2002
  • Dubliners: `Joyce was mijn Old Shatterhand' - Martijn Meijer, NRC Handelsblad, 04-01-2002
  • Dubliners: De doodlopende weg van een vervallen stad - Hans Bouman, de Volkskrant,


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